BPC Floral Installation

        Project Type: Presentation Centre | Location: Burnaby, BC | Photography: Yuan Sheng He

        The lobby of the Burnaby Presentation Centre has been transformed into a floral reflection on future living at Concord Metrotown. As you enter, the density of the florals unfolds before you, opening into a wider space. Replete with marble, the colour A.I. Aqua anchors the hues and its shade of blue surrounds you in a wonderland of dried flowers. Mirroring Concord Metrotown’s commitment to indoor and outdoor living, a veritable garden is brought inside under glittering lights. The space illustrates biophilic design at its most modern while also being mindful of life in a post-COVID-19 world by honouring Concord’s Biospace and their commitment to touchless design, sanitation, and fresh air circulation.

        PREV. ITEM
        February 4, 2021