Where TECH / DESIGN / CULTURE meet.
        We are an award-winning design studio, first set out in 2012 with a strong focus on Interior Design. Since our inception, we have incorporated other aspects of design into our practice, including branding, animation, illustration and CG artistry to name a few, all while growing our original core expertise in Interior Design.

        See below on how we incorporate TECH / DESIGN / CULTURE in all that we do.


        Olivia Lam

        The work of designer Olivia Lam reads like fine filigree, edged in steel. Hers is the art of creative alchemy, combining luxury with durability, innovation with integrity and boldness with the bottom line. Lam does not design with mere fashion in mind. Her residential and corporate interiors are not about fly by night styles; they are designs that will remain classics for decades.

        Specialty: T E C H

        Specialty: D E S I G N

        Specialty: C U L T U R E

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